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Episode 8

America is in flames, don’t allow yourself to be engulfed with it. In this episode I provide practical self-care tips that help you understand that you and your mental health matters.

Mentioned During Podcast

  1. Pray
  2. Read your Bible (the book of Exodus is a good place to start to dive into God setting Israel free from Egypt)
  3. Listen to praise and worship music. I’m enjoying this playlist now: Fred Hammond vs Kirk Franklin Verzuz Battle Playlist
  4. Listen to Black Lives Matter Playlist
  5. Turn your phone off
  6. Watch a movie you love and that makes you laugh
  7. Watch movies that inform you about Black life/created by Black creatives: Get Out, The Banker, When They See Us, Self Made: Inspired by Madam CJ Walker, Becoming, 13, Hidden Figures, Straight Outta Compton, Insecure. So many more, but this is a decent start for entertainment and education.
  8. Call a loved one
  9. Focus on caring for your hygiene
  10. Get into a hobby you enjoy: sewing, organizing, drawing, dancing, painting, binging, cleaning, etc.
  11. Get “mentally distracted” by working
  12. Speak up about how you feel to the right person
  13. Take a day off
  14. Exercise
  15. Stretch/do yoga
  16. Pop a cold one (drink responsibly)
  17. Take a few deep breaths
  18. Volunteer (while practicing social distancing) (can be through giving time, presence, money, etc)
  19. Donate to those that will need bail funds in Minneapolis: (more options found in the tweet below)
  20. If you bout that life? Join a protest. Please be sure to wear your mask, cover your tattooed, take out any identifiable piercings, and take a backpack that holds your necessities (snacks, water, and whatever else) (I’m not a protester but I’ve seen these things posted by those who have been on the front line all around the world fighting injustices).

Lastly know this, once there is justice, then there will be peace. Stay safe and take care good people.

Self-Care and Activism

For your Mental Health

Vote In The Primaries

Vote TODAY, June 2nd. Find more dates for Primary Election 2020 here

Show Your Financial Support

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Read Revolutionary Text

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