Where’s Your Focus? Commitment to Your Goal

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Episode 33

Today we discuss the importance of committing to your goal, and keeping your focus.

Focus on Your Goals

My commitment to my goal is only as strong as my focus moment by moment. I can’t allow my feelings to get in the way.

What I mean is my focus on my goals can be rock solid at 8 am. It’s easy to wake up feeling motivated if you get a good nights sleep. But by 3pm, when I am close to clocking out but still have a hefty amount of work to do… my goals may become a little bleak as my focus shifts to watching the clock tick away.

With my PCOS condition it is very important that I stick to a healthy diet. I have a routine down that helps me stay on track. But for some reason those 3pm blues kick in and all I want is a big bag of hot cheetos with a side of peanut butter cookies.

Most day’s I am able to fight the feeling by making sure I keep fresh fruit or healthy snacks around me. As you heard on the podcast, my food was made. I meal prep to keep from slipping up. Life is so much easer when the food is just waiting on me to eat it!

Focus is fleeting… but not impossible

Focus is fleeting, but doesn’t have to knock you off your game. Your mind is a great place to start on building up your desire to stay committed to your goals. I love to say “consistency over motivation, everyday!”

My consistency trumps any feelings. If I’m tired, I’ll do it tired. When I feel scared, I’m gonna do it scared. If I’m leaning towards a pity party, I can complain when I’m done. You see the pattern?


Takeaways from the episode

  • My commitment to my goal is only as strong as my focus on that goal moment by moment
  • Your goals can shift unexpectedly if you lose focus even just a little bit
    • Sometimes we get off track on our goals and getting back on can hurt, but in a good way. It’s the necessary transition for realigning your goals.

It’s not impossible to re-focus

These are a few simple yet useful questions you can ask yourself when you seem to get off track on your goals:

  • Why did I get off track – this isn’t just a question that you want to ask, it’s the root cause of your distraction. It requires you to get real with yourself, no matter what the reason is. Moment of truth here, I can easily get off track by comparing myself to others. I learned that the hard way while working through my 21 Days of Self Discovery journal.
  • How did I get off track – this question is specifically about identifying where things shifted. For me, it can be as small as waking up at 5 am when my plan was to be up at 4:30 am. It’s not about the 30 minutes. Instead, it’s about the principle and discipline.
  • How do I find my way back – here is where you put in the work. Using the example above, maybe you realize that the 4:30 work time isn’t feasible so you adjust your plans. You realize that your body is recovering, and those 30 minutes are essential in providing you a good night’s sleep. Being well rested is a source of energy. So now you have a reason to change and an understanding that the change is actually benefiting you in the long run.
    • This question isn’t designed to help you make an excuse. It’s about understanding what changed, why it changed, and how to redirect yourself.

Focus can shift, in a good way

October of 2020 I started a journey of healing and focusing on my emotional well-being. And October of 2021 I started a journey of financial freedom, and realigned my health goals. So it seems that October seems to be my month of realignment.

I am my greatest adversary, but I’m also my greatest advocate. So with each shift comes with some new energy to commit to my goals!

As long as I am alive I have an opportunity to reach my goals. So I am committed to not wasting a moment.

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