Vulnerability and Authenticity: I’ll Drink to That!

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Episode 37

Today we discuss the impact that vulnerability can have on your day to day life, and the importance that authenticity plays in your happiness.

Vulnerability and Authenticity: Let’s Start There

As I recorded this I was in such a state of shock that I said many things incorrectly. Two statements that stood out the most were

  • I did not start this podcast in May of 2021. It was definitely May 2020. But this entire year has been a blur so there’s that.
  • My mom didn’t give me a coupon to Message Envy. It was definitely a gift card. I guess coupon works from my standpoint, because it is a discount for me lol. But it is not the accurate word I was looking for

More Vulnerability

My brain has been in a mush for most of 2021. I have been unable to retain a lot of information that I’ve tried so desperately to comprehend.

After I got my PMP certification in December of 2020 I really went into this downward spiral of grasping for any “leg up” in the occupational world. Which is so dumb in hindsight. Everything was already aligning. Yet I got in my own way by doing the absolute most.

Some Authenticity

I do not regret the overall path that I took for 2021, but I do have regrets with decisions I made along the way to where I am today. I’ve done things, said things, and behaved in ways I really wish I could take back, forget, and erase from other people’s memory.

However, it has all allowed me to challenge myself to love me even when I don’t necessarily like me. Enjoy the beauty in life even when everything is seemingly doom and gloom.

Please know, I greatly dislike the “I was down bad, but God kept me and I am victorious now because of Him” testimonies. But alas, I was down horrendous, but God kept me and I am victorious now because of Him!!! inserts praise break lol.

Now we drink!

We drink to enjoy ourselves this way. I am actually still on self-mandated probation due to all the alcoholic fun I had in Los Cabos about a month ago. Lol. It was a time for celebration, in the midst of what felt like my deepest most desperate moments.

In the tweet below you’ll see that I couldn’t even find energy to celebrate my birthday. I mean, I did it, but it was not my first choice.

I did it. I enjoyed it. And I do not regret stating that I didn’t want any of it. Because honoring my feelings has been a journey in and of itself.

The celebration begins now

Little did I know, soon after that tweet was sent my life hit a 180. Every goal that had me in the dumps all of a sudden came to fruition.

I personally believe that my blessings came through by way of me admitting that I was unhappy and disappointed. I was trying to limit who I admitted that to. So it was a freeing experience once I hit “tweet” and “post” on twitter and instagram.

I am beyond grateful and thankful for everyone who was with me during this rollercoaster of an experience.

Listen to the podcast to know why we are putting our glasses up to Q4 of 2021 and bringing in 2022 expecting the absolute best out of life!!

Brene Brown on Vulnerability

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