Valentine’s Day Gifts and Date Ideas

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gifts and dates

Plan your gifts and dates!

The season of love is less than a month away! Are you having trouble planning your valentine’s gifts and date ideas? Need help figuring out what to do? Where to go? What to get your special someone? You’re in luck! I will provide a list of date ideas that couples love and gifts for him and her. 

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    Date ideas

    1. You know that really nice restaurant that you’ve been wanting to try? This is the night to do it. Plan a date at a restaurant you haven’t tried before, dress up really nice, and enjoy a night of good food and good company
    2. Plan a romantic night in. This date is best executed when the food is good. Pro tip: if you’re having a night in make sure the house is clean, the food is good, and there are gifts involved (check out the list below for Valentine’s gifts).
    3. Quiet time is not always a bad thing. Take some time out of your day to enjoy some self-care as a couple with one of the following activities: spa day, yoga class, painting with a twist, chair massages, or couples massage. 
    4. Try something different! Are you and your partner looking for an exciting time filled with fun and laughter? Here is a list of activities that are interactive, fun, and will make some very happy memories or you both: escape room, game night (at home or with friends/other couples), cooking class, bowling, laser tag, skating, ice skating, top golf, arcade games. Some places you can go to have multiple options, depending on where you live: Dave & Busters, Shenanigans, Main Event, etc. 

    Gifts for him and her

    Choosing a gift can be difficult for many reasons. It could be that your money is tight, your ideas are non-existent, or you just need a little help finding where to go for the right gift. A nice idea is to think about the five senses and base your gift on that. As a bonus I have made it easy for you by providing a list of ideas and including links for you to go directly to your desired item. 

    For him

    Smell: cologne, natural body wash kit, beard oil

    Touch: gloves, back massager, bathrobe, game controller, weighted blanket

    Sound: bluetooth headphones, concert tickets for their favorite artists, bluetooth earbuds

    Taste: favorite beverage (wine, beer, alcohol), BBQ set, gift basket with their favorite snacks

    Sight: tickets to their favorite sporting event, designer watch, sport watch, game console, sentimental voice recorded photo frame 

    For her

    Smell: perfume, body butter, scented candles

    Touch: body scrub, plush blanket, lingerie, sleepwear, weighted blanket

    Taste: chocolate covered strawberries, gift basket with their favorite snacks,

    Sound: tickets to their favorite artists, bluetooth headphones, bluetooth speakers, sentimental voice recorded stuffed animal

    Sight: sentimental painting, personalized necklace, charm bracelet, sport watch, gorgeous virgin hair bundles (10% off purchase)

    I hope these ideas have helped you plan out how you will celebrate during this season of love. Comment below and let me know how you will be celebrating this year!

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