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The One Secret You Need to Achieve Your 2020 Goals

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One decade ended, another decade began! Are you looking to get your 2020 goals down on paper so that you will be able to execute them more effectively? You’re in luck! Grab your FREE calendar below. Included with each month is a section to create a new goal. Once the year is up, there is a sheet which allows you to reflect on your year! My biggest piece of advice is to start small and grow. This includes not expecting everything to change overnight. 

Celebrating the beginning of the year by setting new goals can appear to be cliche. It appears that there is no initiative on just starting when it comes to your mind, not waiting until a specific date. But this is not true! Motivation can come from anywhere, including the start of the new year! 

The great news is that there is never a deadline on when you get to start! This is the second week of the new year, yet my first blog post of the decade. There are no rules here! Which leads me to the secret.

The Secret to Achieve Your 2020 Goals

As the new year is upon us I want to give you the secret to your success and happiness:

  • Be gentle 

That is all. In the midst of your goals, resolutions, and building new habits, do not forget that you can be gentle to yourself on this journey. You are creating a newer version of you, so remember that sometimes even popular products have kinks to work out there’s a new launch. You’re allowed to be human. The most important piece is not to give up when you make a mistake or fall short of your expectations. 

Keep your eye on your goals!

What will help you be gentle is reminding yourself of your goal in the first place. Write it down. Grab the calendar to help you do that. Use colorful pens to make it snazzy! Having your goals written can remind you of why you’re making all the changes. Sometimes we get so caught up in the task we have to complete to reach our goal, we forget what the purpose was to begin with. Be as detailed as possible. Make sure YOU understand your goal. This is not for anyone other than you, the goal reacher!

Get Your Calendar

2020 goals
Planning and executing your goals

    How to use the calendar

    I don’t make resolutions, as planning out a year based on a moment never really goes my way. In 2015 I decided that each month I will do one new thing to build better habits. That is the method that this calendar was created from. I started with eating fruit in January, cooking more in February, dining less in March. Five years later and I still have those habits!

    This month my goal is to eat more vegetables. As a way to make the goal even more meaningful I am fasting for 21 days. So the benefits are three fold: new habit being built, spiritual growth underway, and I’m expecting my body to be snatched come February 1st! From January 6th to January 26th I am on the Daniel Fast with Transformation Church, eating grass and air! Okay, there will be more than that, but you get the point. The Beychella diet, essentially.

    You can do it!

    I believe in you. I have great faith that you will have what it takes to not just plan but also execute your goals this year. This FREE calendar ensures that you do just that. Grab it now and crush your goals sooner than later!

    Comment below to let me know what some of your goals for this year are, I would love to hear them!

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    2 thoughts on “The One Secret You Need to Achieve Your 2020 Goals”

    1. I am 61 and every Jan our church does the 21 day fast. I enjoy most of it, sometimes it is hard to get in the word because I live with a Non Believer. I do like your idea of doing a month to month goal. Thank You for sharing all of it.

      1. Hi Brenda, I am glad you found the month to month goal helpful. I am wishing you all the best on your journey to pursue your goals in spite of your surroundings.

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