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The Myth Behind “How to Start a Blog in 3 Days”

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Start a blog in three days – Busting the myth

I can say it’s relatively easy to start a blog. Becoming a blogger that has a professional website, understands plugins, can create their own site from scratch, has beautiful images, amazing content, legal pages, etc, etc, etc… Now that’s a different story.

Disclaimer – this could just be me, but I like to learn from the best. The best usually tell you the truth upfront, hint at what you need to know the most, and might sell the secret for their profit and ultimately your benefit. This is a business, I know the game and I play it well. Now that you know this tidbit about me, please note that I will pay for quality, so my advice comes from that perspective.

There are plenty of blog posts that tell you “how to start a blog in 3 days” or something close to that. And yes, it is very possible. I technically started my blog in less than 30 minutes. But what the “start a blog in 3 days” folks don’t tell you is that your blog posts aren’t the hard part. 

What you don’t know will hurt you!

Which host are you going to use? Do you know that there are plugins for nearly everything? No, I didn’t know that either. Did you know that people don’t just find your blog because it’s on the internet but you have to do some serious SEO’ing to get noticed? Does SEO even ring a bell? Okay some may know, not being condescending, but I was really someone who had no idea what any of this meant or how any of this worked. So how did I learn?

So how do you start a blog?

I took a course. What I refuse to do is waste time trying to teach myself everything when there are literally so many successful bloggers selling tips and tricks for cheap. Well, I often find the deals and jump on them vs paying full price, but even the full price is worth the value! 

Before I started my blog, Suzi taught me everything I needed to know about what host to use and how to operate WordPress in her Blog By Number course. (I personally chose SiteGround as my host, be sure to do your research before choosing your host). Step by step she showed me how to find my niche, maximize my usage of SEO, edit pictures for my page, create pins, and she gave me over 8,000 topics to blog about! You read that right, 8,000! This is all before I ever launched my blog! 

I have gotten so many compliments from friends, family, and fellow bloggers who love the look of my page. I can honestly say Suzi’s course helped me a lot! By the time I got to the “start your blog” portion of the class I basically felt like a pro and started venturing into areas of WordPress she hadn’t touched on. My confidence was high because Suzi’s guidance was just that good. 

Blogging is more than blog post

Blog with a plan

Starting a blog isn’t only about finding a host and posting your blogs. No, there is so much more to it! What platform are you using to promote it? Is Pinterest the place to go? Do you have a Pinterest account? Do you know how to use pinterest? Does your host make it easy to make your blog profitable? Did you even know you can make money off of your blog? Are you going to do it? If so, do you have your legal pages together? Are they comprehensive or did you create them on your own? Are you a lawyer? Okay okay, I’ll stop hounding you. 

But seriously, these are examples of the small questions that lead to larger issues if you don’t have them answered. Suzi’s Blog by Number course would be your best bet if you’re not simply trying to start a blog, but run a legit business! 

Suzi specializes in helping moms make money from home. She’s taught over 50,000 people how to start their blog and make a profit. I’m not a mom, but when I spoke to Suzi I let her know she still helped me create my baby, Vitamin Jae!

What else is there to blogging?

Once I started my blog I wanted to dive into only one social media platform, and the one I chose was Pinterest. I purchased a course from Nadalie Bardo (Pinterest Popular) after accidentally stumbling upon one of her masterclasses on how to master Pinterest. Literally, the images below as my witness, I implemented 3 things Nadalie suggested and in one month my viewers grew from about 1000 a month to 30k! 

While viewers don’t mean much, my engagement went from like 20 people to 1.1k engagements in one month. This means that over a 1,000 people weren’t just seeing my pin on their feed, they were clicking on it, saving it, going to my website, commenting, etc. 

Now I only did 3 things Nadalie suggested because I found myself taking too many courses, working full time, and catching constant colds all throughout December. I’m 100% sure once I begin to implement more of Nadalie’s pro tips I will be beyond 100k viewers and 10k engagements in less than a month.

Beginning of December
End of December
Middle of January

The most important piece of blogging

The very last piece that I want to talk about is the legal pages. Out of all the free blogging content I came across, no one told me I would need to have some kind of legal hoopla to blog! What does that even mean?! 

Of course Suzi informed me about the importance of the legal pages. She gave me the free options and let me know which ones would cost, which is why I am beyond grateful that I took her Blog by Number course. Mama always said ‘you get what you pay for’ so you guessed it, I bought the best legal pages I could find. The legal documents I chose to use are Amira’s Legal Bundle

Buying this Legal Bundle took the stress away from me. I didn’t need to waste time learning what legal jargon I needed to include. Amira has already done all the work! All I had to do was follow her step-by-step instructions on how to customize the bundle to fit my page. If you don’t believe me, go to my footer and check the pages for yourself. She’s a lawyer, and she’s affordable. I literally couldn’t find a better deal! 

Don’t waste time!

Between Suzi, Nadalie, and Amira, I honestly feel like a pro. I’m confident in my ability to not only create a great blog post, but I am even more confident that I will be able to bring traffic to my post and have no worries of any legal issues hindering my greatness. 

Get your courses and bundle today!

Don’t waste time trying to do it all by yourself. Get Suzi’s Blog by Number course to get you started. Snag Nadalie’s Pinterest Popular course to get your blog some traffic. And grab Amira’s Legal Bundle to protect your blog and all your hard work! The money will soon find its way back to you. Every course is worth every bit. You won’t be sorry! 

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    4 thoughts on “The Myth Behind “How to Start a Blog in 3 Days””

    1. Great information! I agree 100%. Some of the blog courses don’t even begin to touch what you should be doing to be legally okay or to make a buck. Thank you for these links. I’ll be looking into that pinterest course!

      1. Yes! Learning that I needed to cover my blog legally was intimidating at first. Because no one else had mentioned it before! I hope you like the Pinterest course as well.

      1. Getting and sustaining traffic is very important in the blog world. The Blog By Number or Pinterest Popular courses will be able to help with that as they both teach about how to optimize pinterest for traffic. The pinterest popular course goes into more depth on the topic. Hope you get the traffic you desire soon!

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