Relationships: The Blessings In The Messes

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Episode 13

In this episode we discuss relationships with exes, food, God, and the like. Healing from the impact of hurt and anxiety isn’t linear. But it certainly is beautiful.

Mentioned During The Podcast

  • I stated “I didn’t have the hindsight to think ‘hey your ex is going to be listening to this and whatever he has going on in his life, it’s going to be effecting him.'” But clearly I meant foresight. Can’t have hindsight on the future 🙂
  • 7 Stages of Grief – Relationships can be hard, but you can heal!
  • Go read/study 1st and 2nd Samuel, the Bible is juicy lol
  • Michael Todd and Natalie Todd vow renewal. Get your tissues ready!
  • Relationship Goals book by Michael Todd. If you’re anything like me, buy the audible. Lol. You can get two free audiobooks by using this link.
  • Impostor (imposter) Syndrome podcast
  • Snow on tha bluff x J. Cole – listen twice before you criticize him
  • Songs I sang at random moments in the podcast: Triggered x Jhene Aiko, I Need Love x LL Cool J, Precious Lord by any gospel artist.

What I Want From You

  • Do an inventory of your self awareness as well as your social awareness
  • Don’t lie to yourself on this journey. Take it from someone who has done her fair share of lying to herself. Do the awareness inventory and then do the work! Below are some blog post and podcast I have created in the past. This is all from my experience and what has helped me. Happy digging on this self discovery/personal development journey!
  • Singleness and self love: this is a personal fave of mine
  • The reallll beginners guide to self care – literally this is a beginners guide, nothing in depth
  • You matter: self care tips – this one is important especially with the protest, pandemic, economic crash. Fix it, Jesus!
  • Master your mindset: Cognitive reframing – this technique is what jump started my journey and helped me grow immensely. To this day!
  • Living single: doing the work – this one is a snap shot of what I went through and what I learned. It all led to personal growth.
  • If you would like to go to counseling, here is a resource to look into:
  • If you would like to schedule a meeting with a life coach, link with ya girl!

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