Realignment: Getting It Together

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Episode 32

Today we discuss the goal of realignment in October. Breaks are necessary and I can’t wait to see what I accomplish on the other end of this journey.

Plans For Realignment

My goal during the month of October is less “rest” related and more “goal oriented.” I am taking time away from things that typically have my attention and redirecting that energy into action.

A lot of the times I will make a plan but only execute a portion of it. The true goal is to put in as much effort on items I haven’t been fully committed to since January.

It’s also my hope that October will bring me fresh ideas on what topics to podcast about.

The main reason I am calling this a realignement is because the goals have been there. They’re just dormant due to inaction. And that is all on me, no one else

How Will I Implement This Realignment

One of the things I will refrain from completely is social media, twitter and instagram specifically.

I will be active in my workout group via Facebook since we have live workouts every day that help me stay motivated and committed to the body goals.

I will also be active on Pinterest as I am planning to shift a few of my business marketing techniques on that platform.

Books to read during this time

You can purchase physical books or use audible (use this code for 30 days FREE on audible)

I plan to read a few books that I have yet to complete all year:

What to do?

  • Exercise 30 minutes to an hour and a half 5 days a week
  • Read books that I have neglected this year
  • Go through my you version bible app plan discussing obedience (you can join me here)
  • Implement the business plans I have been half-stepping this year
  • Stay connected with family and friends through video, calls, and text
  • Limit the amount of binge watching by filling that time with productivity

What are your goals?

Now that you know my goals, what are you holding back on?

Did you make plans in January as a resolution but did not complete them? We’ve been in the middle of a pandemic and economic crises so getting distracted and thrown off in March is a valid excuse.

Now that we are heading into October, how are you shifting? What areas can you tighten up, loosen up, or even let go of to free yourself up to achieve your goals?

If you had no goals before, now is a fine time to get some. You can create a hygienic routine, implement new eating habits, build better self talk habits, connect with a friend, coworker, or loved one personally, create a workout routine, etc.

The options you have before you are limitless. The only thing left to do is implement those goals!

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