Talk To Me Nice! Pouring In Positivity

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Gaining positivity

Episode 20

Boost your energy by improving your self-talk! It is far too easy to think and speak negatively. Challenge the status quo and speak positivity!

I spend far too much time talking down on myself, when I should be drenched in positivity. I need to talk to me nice! No matter what the source is – depression, low self esteem, or just negative vibes seeping out of my mind into my heart – it’s gotta change!

Consistency has shown me how great I can be. How great that I am. So consistently advocating for myself against myself has truly been my greatest battle of the year. And the advocate-me is winning!

Work life woes

Occupationally, I talk myself out of success. If there is any advice I would give it would be “Don’t talk yourself out of it before you even try. Make the move. Adjust later.” – tweet it.

Trusting God’s plan is difficult but it is something I am committed to doing. Faith is not a feeling. Praying and actively moving in my calling is all I’m trying to do. This is true for every facet of my life: decisions, relationships, healing processes, etc. 

I can’t fight my battles if I don’t allow myself to trust in God or allow myself to dive deep on my healing journey.

Healing rituals = being actively aware of needing to heal in places and spaces within myself

Let’s be honest here

Honesty is my best friend. It opens up doors for me that I couldn’t open myself by being anyone else other than me. So being honest with myself is where I have to start. It is unrealistic to only have negative feelings and thoughts of yourself

My worth is high, what I deserve is even higher. I never peak, instead I steady climb. This is a constant grind for me.

I’m exactly where I am supposed to be. I cannot change the past, but I can change my mind. I am in a head space that I am able to talk myself up from a “down space” without needing outside influences. 

What inspires me to keep going

My drive is internal. Once the negative thoughts rise up in my mind, I immediately combat them with positivity. Whether it is a simple “you are going to have a good day” or as deep as “you’re not being honest with yourself right now, reframe your thinking and try again.” I am fighting for my life, in a constant mental battle that I am determined to be victorious over.

How I really feel about positivity

Going to be honest here, I “envy” those who do not battle this mental back and forth on a daily basis. Like, how are they spewing positivity with no roadblock? And by envy I actually mean I am so beyond happy for people like that. It lets me know that it’s 100% possible for me to get there. I can do it. I will do it. And on the slight chance that I won’t ever achieve that goal, then at least I have the ability to win a war of my mind.

Final Thoughts

So here it is, the true journey of healing yields positivity. Focusing on what I NEED versus what I WANT has changed my life. I have made it through the worst of my days thus far, so I can get through anything. I am committed to getting out of my own way, for now and forever!

Now, speak highly of yourself. Challenge your negative thoughts. Sit with the ugly truths and use that honesty to forge a path to your healing. If I can do it, you definitely can!

Some books to help you grow in your journey

I am here to promote and encourage you to read anything by Brene Brown! But specifically The Gift if Imperfection, because it causes you to challenge your own thoughts and behaviors. This leads to you being able to break out of cycles you feel stuck and show up for yourself more consistently.

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