Master Your Mindset: Cognitive Reframing

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Episode 6

Where your mind goes, there your successes and failures are nourished. Gaining control over my mind has given me the power to shape my future. In this episode I explain how cognitive reframing is the key to a better tomorrow. Read more here: mindset

What is Cognitive Reframing

Per wikipedia: Cognitive reframing is a psychological technique that consists of identifying and then changing the way situations, experiences, events, ideas, and/or emotions are viewed. Cognitive reframing is the process by which such situations or thoughts are challenged and then changed.

Mentioned During the Podcast

Master Your Mindset

An eBook is coming! If you enjoyed learning about cognitive reframing and would like to take a deeper dive into understanding its concepts this is the book for you. Inside you’ll find descriptions, examples, and worksheets so that you can practice and apply the concepts you learn.

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