How Expectations Impact Our Actions and Relationships

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Episode 2

In this episode Janice discusses the positive and negative impacts that expectations have in her actions and relationships. She is challenging herself and others to analyze their expectations as well as their reactions. Listening to this podcast and digging deep is therapeutic. 

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  • What are some of the positive reactions you have when your expectations are met?
  • What are some of the negative reactions you have when your expectations are not met?
  • What are some ways you would like to respond vs how you actually respond?

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    2 thoughts on “How Expectations Impact Our Actions and Relationships”

    1. I always set low expectations to avoid disappointment. I feel as though this has been a downfall but yet a positive aspect in my life. Can’t get disappointed if your expectations for such thing was never high to begin with..? (:

      1. You’re not alone in that! I start with low expectations and hope for better. One day I just want to be happy about having expectations in general lol.

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