Healing and Shedding: It’s A Process

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Episode 31

In this episode we discuss the process of healing and the subsequent action of shedding.

Journey through Healing

Watch Moana on Disney+ if you want to cry and have mental breakthroughs about healing and shedding along with me 🙂 

The enemy you’re fighting is sometimes the person you’re healing… be gentle with yourself

Fight for your healing, even if you have to fight yourself. Talk to yourself nicely.

Why healing is important

We’re hardened for a purpose. It’s a coping mechanism to protect ourselves from further hurt. We’re protecting ourselves on multiple levels and fighting for others to stay out of that hurt. In the midst of the hurt we have to be open to the idea of life, love, and liberty.

I am not working to be anybody I was in the past. I am a whole new being.

I’m not trying to be who I was but I’m also growing to be even better than I am today.

To get from who I was to who I am supposed to be I engage in cognitive reframing. Restoring my heart started with shifting my mindsets. 

I was stunted and dark from the hurt. Like Te Kā, I was a hot mess. It took a lot of work to spring forth my inner Te Fiti.

Journey through Shedding

Shedding is letting go of the unhealthy thoughts and behaviors that are connected with the hurt

No matter what, my rationale behind feeling some type of way can’t be rooted in the hurt that I experienced in the past. How I respond should reflect the healing that has transpired.

Why shedding is important

A part of shedding is dealing with the issue head on via conversation, introspection, and prayer. Not projection. Healing and shedding is allowing yourself to “go beyond where you’ve been”.

Healing is a process. Because of this, we can be in the process of forgiving someone, which is a part of healing. But if something happens, we can react out of the emotion that’s connected to the pieces of the issue that haven’t been forgiven. This is why shedding is important.

Healing is a process

  1. Be open to healing
  2. Work through healing
  3. Shed from healing
  4. Grow from healing

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