Let’s Talk About It: Communication is Key

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Episode 23

Communication is key. It is also a two way street. When it comes to relationship building, there is a lot of miscommunication that needs to be demystified.

Communication is Key

“Your word should always be impeccable” A summary quote from The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom book. You can read this for free by clicking here now!

In this episode we talk about ways to practically improve your communication.

If we’re honest, a lot of our problems can be solved by adding a bit of effective communication in the mix.

Let’s Talk About It

We all want to know that when we are speaking we are being understood. But how often do we take the time to actively listen when others are speaking to us? Are you holiding yourself accountable for giving the same respect that you desire to receive?

I challenge you to take an inventory on your communication skills. Think about all the ways you can improve.

You can also take an inventory on the conversations you allow around you. We are what we eat, and if the language we ingest is not building us up, it is inevatibaly tearing us down.

To help you improve your communication as well as help others around you, I created a list of tips on how to effectively communicate.

Communication is key

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