Attachment Theory: Anxious-Insecure/Preoccupied

Attachment Theory It is important to remember that attachment theory is just that, a theory. Information from this framework may resonate with you, but it is not 100% foolproof. Dr. Saul McLeod explains that John Bowlby’s attachment theory believes a child has an innate (or inborn) need to attach to one main attachment figure. The …

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Self-Identity: Get Back to Basics

What is Self-Identity? The oxford’s dictionary definition for self-identity is “the perception or recognition of one’s characteristics as a particular individual, especially in relation to social context.” Who we are and what we’ve done can get confusing. Personally, to dig out of the clutter of “who am I?” I spent a healthy amount of time …

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Staying Motivated While Studying for Certifications

Tips on Staying Motivated The first step to staying motivated while studying for certifications is to know your “why” before you commit to studying at all. This may seem like common knowledge but it proves its purpose when you are a few weeks in and losing momentum. What are some “why’s” to take a certification …

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