Authenticity Is Key To Building Relationships

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Episode 27

Authenticity is a lesson I’ve had a hard time understanding. Today we dive into all the ways I’ve overcome the journey of being authentically me.


Authenticity is the goal, but the work? Whew chile. Issa lot!

Being authentically me allows the other person to know me first, then decide if they will love who I am. We often expect love and inadvertently change who we are in order to receive. But one area I am more comfortable with now is walking away, and allowing others to walk away. 

I do not want to hold space in your life if I am not who you want to be with or around. And I expect you to know and feel the same way. We hear “go where you are celebrated” so often. We are only focusing on building relationships that are consistently providing green flags.

Yet we do not maximize on the opportunity to walk away from unfulfilling friendships and relationships. We work TOO hard to stay where we do not belong and keeping others where they do not belong.

“When you love all of yourself, it draws in other people”

Vitamin Jae

Things I have learned about myself and areas I want to 

  1. Learn how to have conversation with other people.
  2. Being secure in who I am causes others to respect my personal boundaries even without me asking. 
  3. Don’t give an ultimatum, just leave
  4. Allowing others to be their authentic selves around me is so easy. Being my authentic self around others is so difficult. Going with the flow is easy, but it isn’t true to who I am.
  5. I want people to love me for who I am, as I am.

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