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My name is Janice and I am happy you are here. After 6 years of studies I have two degrees, a BA in Psychology and M. Ed in Educational Psychology. See a pattern? Why yes, you’ve got me figured out! Understanding and breaking down the complexities of relationships, physical health, and behavioral health are my specialties. 

Plenty of my free time is spent talking, writing, and reading about overall health. The key point which is often overlooked in our overall health is that people need people, and the lack of social support causes more harm than good. I believe that the center of health is self-care, and self-care is a full body workout. It involves your mind, body, soul, emotions, and relationships. Yes, it’s just that deep!

What content can you expect from me?

Self-care is multifaceted, which allows me to cover a range of topics. Below are some current topics that I have and will continue to blog about:

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