4 Period Hacks Every Woman Should Know

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period hacks every woman should know

I love when I have my period! Said no one ever. Well maybe if your period ran a little late and you got a little anxious waiting for its arrival, but even that joy ends as soon as the cramps begin. Bed ridden, curled up, and hoping for the 3 to 8 day torture to end in the blink of an eye! That’s the truth of most women’s menstrual battle. No matter how heavy your flow, how long it last, if you have period cramps this blog post is for you!

Eat the right thing

Period cravings are my worst habit. I already have a weakness for all things junk food, and period cravings takes this to the next level. I’m convinced it’s a conspiracy. Bananas are high in potassium and this helps to relieve cramps. Eggs are also a good source to relieve cramps. Another option that is high in protein and potassium would be a peanut butter and banana smoothie. Basically, these options are healthy, yummy, and provide relief when cramping.


On really bad days I use Advil, taking about 3 or 4 depending on the pain level. Naproxen is my second runner up. I have a prescription for 500 mg so I take two of those to get fast relief. I should note that my doctor suggested that I take one tablet as needed, unless the pain is severe. Well, the pain is always severe, so I pop two pills and hope for the best. It takes between thirty minutes to an hour to feel the effects of the pill. Pro-tip: taking Advil or Naproxen the night before you know Aunt Flo will visit or as soon as you have ‘that feeling’ will help alleviate the pain much faster. 


There a few key yoga poses that help to relieve period cramps. It is important to note that you should avoid any yoga pose that has your body flowing upward, which is in the opposite direction of your period blood flow. Some helpful poses are the child’s pose: while on your knees separate your legs until they are shoulder width apart then lean forward with your forehead facing the ground. This position does not restrict blood flow and it provide vaginal and back pain relief. Here are a few more poses

Apply heat

Heat relieves the tension that is caused from period cramps. Heating pads effect seems to decrease when I keep it in the same spot for more than 15-20 minutes. So I tend to do a 10 on 10 off method. This allows me to have constant relief for a longer period of time and avoid my body desensitizing the effects of the heat. 

Add it all together now

While all the tips above are good on their own, it will be beneficial to try combining them. Always eat before taking any medications, or else you’ll find yourself in a little more pain from taking meds on an empty stomach. So why not have the peanut butter smoothie as your meal and take your prefered medication after? Double whammy to those period cramps! You can follow up with a few light yoga poses and end by adding heat to your abdomen for constant relief. Please leave a comment below to leave any tips that have helped you. Knowledge is power!

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